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“I’ve lived with an autoimmune disease for the past 16 years which has kept me dependent on various pain medication “cocktails”, infusions and a disease modifying self-injectable (A.K.A. the juice). I was really tired of my body being regulated by pharmaceuticals and the unintended ripple effect’s they impose. I began seriously researching how to get off the medication treadmill and take control of my health. Along the way I was referred to Dr. Sather Ekblad and Anne Tabert -Doc Sather is not your old school, traditional Chiropractor and if you ask what does that mean – well- all I can say is that my spine and bones in general, were pretty sensitive and the thought of old school manipulation worried me. He actually does very little in the way of that for my care but the results have been nothing short of amazing- and I have been off the “juice” for 4 months now. I simply wouldn’t be where I am without his expertise. He listens, he is thorough and explains things so that I can understand them.

“The environment at the clinic is very healing. Such a calm and supportive place.”

“I went swimming today, and was able to do the crawl stroke with full range-of-motion. Progress!”

“I have been struggling with an auto-immune disease for almost a decade. I was told that the Hyperbaric treatments can help so I decided to give it a shot. My first experience was not what I was expecting. It was way more comfortable then I had anticipated and any anxiety I had been feeling instantly went away. The treatment has increased my range of motion in my hands which I am very happy with. I would recommend anyone who has any ailments to talk to Dr. Lieberknecht about getting treatment.”
-Brad Mazzola

I was almost immediately introduced to Sather Ekblad as I was asking the locals for a recommendation in terms of wellness.  I’m the nothing is wrong- and various things are wrong type of a patient.  There is nothing that this office has not helped me with to enhance my life.  Be it my lifetime battle with scoleosis, osteoperosis, low blood pressure and arthritis, or my bi-weekly encounters including  stress, sorrow, loss of loved ones, eye, ear, nose, heart, breathing, lungs, and stomach pains.  I have presented all these problems/concerns and they were all addressed with kindness and knowledge, surpassing any attention and result I have ever experienced in my life.

No question is too tiny, no result is impossible.   I will go to them “forever”.  Being grateful is not a strong enough way for me to express what I feel about these individuals.   Feel free to ask me more as I could write a book on the fabulous experiences and wellness I have encountered through this office.”
-Lo Labrie

“When I first came to Dr. Erich I had been dealing with a major back injury for several years. I had gone the traditional medical route by receiving injections, physical therapy and countless pain pills. During our very first session, Dr. Erich diagnosed an anatomical leg length discrepancy which had been overlooked by many physicians and professionals and its treatment has made a major impact on my recovery. Now, using an insert and receiving his chiropractic care, I am making great strides in my physical well-being. Also, Network Spinal Analysis has changed my life. Fostering the connection between my mind and body has taken me to new levels of mental , emotional and physical peace. My body has learned to adjust and heal itself giving me a great and more rapid recovery. My emotional state has been a roller coaster my whole life but now I’ve found great stability and balance. I believe in Dr. Erich’s work so much that I brought my wife Jacque in for treatment and now we receive care together as a couple. She has experienced similar transformations and we are so much more in tune that our bond has never been greater. This is truly life-changing work. Jacque and I have never felt so alive.”
-Lucas W.

“Having Dr. Erich as my primary care and chiropractic physician has changed my life. Because of his treatment, I recognize how my body is supposed to feel, and am inspired to be as active as I’ve ever been. In addition to the highest quality care, he cultivates the kind of relationship, gives the kind of advice and takes the kind of time anyone would want from their physician.

“My daughter had pain in her ribs and we were afraid she slipped a rib. It was Saturday and I was praying to find someone that could see her. I took a chance and called B-Line and it was the best thing that could have happened. Doc was off but answered my call. At first he was not open, but after receiving an emergency call from a patient he called me back. My daughter is only 13 and very apprehensive when it comes to chiropractors. His kindness and genuine concern for her was evident from the moment we met him. I’ve never seen the type of network care that he provides. The most gentle touch and no cracking! He knows the human body very well and provided relief to my daughter. We will definitely continue seeing him as I know he can help make her into a better athlete. I rarely write medical reviews but this guy is amazing!”
-Staci Cummings

“Incredible doctor that provides a truly different level of healthcare service. If you are an athlete looking to be at peak performance both mentally and physically Dr. Lieberknecht is where you want to be seen.”
-Quentin Kearney

“I went to see Dr. Erich because a horse had rolled on me several months earlier. My right shoulder, shoulder blade, and ribs were affected to the point where I couldn’t move or use my right arm. Within a few days after my first visit, the whole area started healing and working again. I’ve been really happy with the effectiveness of the techniques Erich uses, and I can now do everything that I couldn’t do before. Even my chronic shoulder issues are “fixed.”

“Dr. Erich asked what else I needed help with and I said, “My lower back; I’ve had problems with it for over 25 years.” After several sessions, things are beginning to realign nicely, and I am confident that the changes are permanent.”

“I’ve also noticed that my whole body is responding to the treatments. I sometimes had low energy, lack of strength, and balance issues. All of those are resolving, and I actually feel more like I did 5-10 years ago. Dr. Erich is awesome!”

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